How Flowers Bring Happiness


No matter what the flowers are meant for, there is no questioning that they are always a solid symbol of happiness and passion that have been appreciated all the world over for almost as long as human culture has been around and engaging in the practice of gift giving. Flowers bring people happiness because of a very large variety of reason, lots of which do depend upon the context of why they were given in the first place. Whatever the reason may be, there is no denying that flowers can be a great way to let anybody know that you really care.

The symbolism

Flowers have a huge amount of variety in the different things that they can imply, based purely upon just what the kind of person you’re giving them to or what the occasion is that calls for the giving on the flowers in the first place. In the instance of a wedding, for example, flowers can symbolize the longevity and passion of the relationship. For a newborn baby, flowers can symbolize the joyous occasion of brand new life.

The smell

There’s no doubt at all that our olfactory neurons play an extremely large part in psychologically conditioning us to feel different ways about different things. Good smells bring up memories of things that are highly pleasurable while bad smells can conjure negative images and painful affairs. Because flowers normally smell so pleasant, they are naturally associated with good feelings and pleasurable vibes that can be experienced sometimes even just by looking at them. Smelling flowers that have an aromatic scent has the power to make some people’s entire day immediately seem better; the value of this can’t be discounted.

The intention

Giving flowers speaks a certain volume about the intention behind giving them. When you give somebody flowers, you’re silently speaking a certain intention that has to do with how much you care about them. Besides just what the flowers look and smell like, knowing that someone cares enough about you to give you flowers in the first place will immediately make them feel more wanted and contribute a great deal to their feelings towards your relationship as a whole. Everybody, to an extent, wants to feel wanted; flowers communicate this degree of desire in a way that not many other things fully can.

The memories

Flowers can even be used to symbolize pleasant memories of times past that you can cherish forever. While they may not allow you relive the moment as objectively as a photograph might, the smell from flowers will bring on positive vibes that tie into the great positive energy that radiates from memories of the event in the first place. With flowers, you’ll be able to immortalize an event in something that is tangible and personal beyond what can only be viewed on a screen or through a simple flat photograph. The flowers are tangible and powerful reminders of a memory that was as or more beautiful than even they are.

The naturalism

Flowers are products of nature, which means that they hold a certain amount of power in making a person impression that can’t be emulated by things that are merely manmade from a factory. A flower’s natural status gives it a power to move people that is very much surreal, tied directly to our connect with the planet as beings that originally came from the forests and plains before establishing ourselves industrially. Flowers, because they are natural, just give off the sense that a person giving them is more genuine in their intentions than if they only gave something electronic.

The personality

Flowers have an extremely versatile range in the different emotions that they can bring forth in people, based almost entirely just on what they look like and how they smell. You could almost say that each flower packs a certain amount of ‘personality’ that is comparable to ranges in personality that can be observed in people, and for each flower, a different connection to a person is possible. The possibilities are endless when it comes to thinking of just what kinds of different flowers you can match up to the different people in your life that you care about.

The sincerity

Flowers speak a certain volume about the kind of sincerity that the person giving them has in their feelings towards the different people that they give them too. Anybody can go into Barnes & Noble and get a simple gift card, but it takes a different kind of care to spend time picking out a perfect bouquet of flowers that is meant for the person whose day you want to make with a gift. When you give flowers you do not only communicate that you care; you communicate that you care –enough-.

The occasion

The occasion that you bring a flower to speaks a great deal about the flowers and, in a way, gives them power. Flowers have been immortalized as items of celebration and romance, and in a sense, giving them almost completely validates the occasion as something that it truly worth being called an occasion. Flowers for weddings, anniversaries or birthdays are all valuable due to the fact that they speak a kind of sincere respect for an event that lets the person who is at the centre of it know that people actually care about it in the first place.

The novelty

Flowers are just so much more novel than getting something obligatory and impersonal, and leagues better than just some simple, kind words of appreciation or congratulations. With flowers, you let the person you’re giving them to know that you cared enough to go the extra mile beyond only acknowledging that something that happening to make them important in your head for a day. The novelty of flowers that you deliberately choose for the person who is celebrating their day, or you celebrating a day with them, gives them a far more powerful impact than artificial, assembly line gifts.